The History of the Green Ribbon of Hope

The concept of the Green Ribbon of Hope was originated by the students and faculty of Holy Cross Secondary School in St. Catharines following the abduction and subsequent murder of one of their students, Kristen French. In memory of this tragedy, the students and faculty directed that their idea for the green ribbon be used exclusively by Child Find Canada as an avenue to increase national public awareness and to raise funds to support our education and search programs for missing children.

The school clearly specified that the Green Ribbon be used nationally. Accordingly, Child Find Canada, after trade marking the program, conducted campaigns with national corporations. Those participating in 1994 included Toronto Dominion Bank, Chrysler Canada, Glaxo Pharmaceutical, Realty World Canada, Apple Auto Glass, and Canadian Regional Airlines.

Every year, Child Find Canada holds the Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign. It begins on May 1st and continues throughout the month of May. The aim is to increase public awareness about National Missing Children's Day on May 25th and the missing children issue in Canada.

During the month of May, community members and M.P.'s are asked to show their support and concern of the missing children's issue by prominently wearing a green ribbon. Proceeds generated by the Green Ribbon Campaign will enable Child Find Canada and its provincial members to continue their mandate of assisting in the search process for missing children and the education of children and adults about abduction.