What to do if Your Child Is Missing

If your child is missing, act immediately.

If your child is missing from home, search your house thoroughly. Check with your neighbors and friends of your child. If you still cannot find your child, call the police immediately.

If your child disappears when you are away from home - i.e. at the shopping mall - notify a clerk and mall security, ask for assistance and then telephone the police immediately.

When you call the police, try to stay calm. Identify yourself, your location, and the situation. Give them your child's name and description. Tell them when you noticed the disappearance, when you last saw your child and what he or she was wearing. 

After you have reported your child missing to the police, listen to their instructions and answer their questions.

When do I call Child Find Saskatchewan?

After you have contacted the police, call Child Find Saskatchewan. Our role is to offer a complimentary service to that of the police. We offer a supportive approach, and use informal contacts and the public network to search for children.

In the event of a missing child, Child Find:

  • Offers a 24 hour, 7 day per week toll free phone line to handle emergency situations
  • Offers general investigations
  • Provides ground search assistance
  • Assists with preparation and distribution of posters, provides pictures to the media, and places photos on the Internet
  • Provides a referral service for families during and following recovery
  • Assists with re-unification
  • Liaise with law enforcement, social service agencies, the legal community, government, and other appropriate agencies
  • Liaise with media as necessary
  • Advocates for the family and the missing child